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 About Us_ 

LP Solutions licensed private investigators was founded & managed by Denise Savastano

State of California Licensed Private Investigator 


A personal message from President and CEO, Denise Savastano. "I am blessed to have worked in this business for 36 years. The greatest reward for me is being able to help people who come to us with a problem and working with them to find the solution. Nothing better than a happy client who always comes back if they need you.  Kindness, empathy, trustworthiness and the sheer desire to help people is the key to our success."   


It’s often said that information is the world’s most powerful asset and nowhere is this truth more evident than in the field of Private Investigations.  Denise Savastano knows how to use the latest data providing services, investigative procedures and other industry procedures to find the information you’re looking for and more importantly knows how to interpret it!  From simple and traditional surveillance, including photographic evidence to extensive data services and innovative tricks of the trade, Denise possesses and utilizes tools that get the job done.

We are dedicated to personal attention, individual commitment and the most cost effective service. We guarantee that all of our investigations will be conducted discreetly and professionally. When your situation calls for a professional investigator in Riverside, California and/or surrounding counties contact LP Solutions private investigators 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  We offer a free, no obligation case evaluation.  


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